Body Composition Analyzer BMI Health care With Printer



High Quality Factory Price Body Health Test Analyse Machine GS6.5C+ For Weight Loss & Body Shaping


Model GS6.5C+ Style Portable
Brand Sunhing Certification CE Approved
Function Body Health Test Place of Product Guangdong Province, China
Input AC 100V~240V 50/60HZ Power 53VA
Rated Current <180uA Printer Micro(Standard) + Color(Select)
Warranty 1 Year / Lift Time Maintenance Touch Screen Size 32cm*24cm Digital Screen In Chinese & English
Size 39*53*100 CM Service OEM/ODM/24hours Online


♦ Using principles of human biotechnology.

♦ 8 Point -electrode contact: There are two parts of each electrode used to measure the human body’s elements and also to be used to measure the elements in various parts of the body’s resistance value in accurately.

♦ Use of multiple regression analysis of the frequency and increase the scope of testing to enhance accuracy.

♦ Implementation of intelligent control, touch-operation, and visualization application interface, allowing users to learn easy, safe and easy to operate.

♦ Can store up to 120 complete historical records.

♦ The structure of a clear, easy to install and easy to maintain.

♦ The results of the analysis in order to be able to approach the output statements to clients.

Detail Images:


Apply to hospitals, beauty clubs, sports and scientific research centers, institutions and enterprises, government agencies, sports clubs, health management and accessing agencies, etc.



The most advanced CE Cleared mulch-frequency (25HZ, 50HZ, 100HZ) bio electrical impedance body composition analyzer.


Totally 26 values of body composition analysis with height measurement.


Provides highly accurate whole body in under 20 seconds.

Two Printers: 

Inbuilt micro thermal printer and HP Color printer included at no charge. The thermal printer works speedily and conveniently and offers optional A4 size color printout.

Save and Output:

SD card can transfer the test data to computer, and with the first letter of the customer’ s name will find the test data easily.

The system supports mobile phone and PC to view reports:

The real pictures: