Newly 5-handle 360-degree fat-freezig cryolipolysis equipment



The features of our cryo handle:

1.We use medical use silicon,which is safer and more comfortable.
2. there are the displays of temperature , negative pressure and the condition of the water flow on thehandle,which can be more convenient for the operation.
3.There are two refregirating sheet work together which can make the handle reach -16 degree
4.we can add the light to the cryohandle According to your requirement.


Configuration Introduction

This device comes standard with 5 refrigeration handles, one large handle, two middle handles, one small handle, and one chin handle. All 4 handles can work simultaneously.
9 replaceable handle cups that can be selected based on the treatment area and fat thickness.
3 handle cups
For small handles:
125mm * 55mm * 45mm
140mm * 55mm * 45mm
150mm * 55mm * 45mm
Treatment areas: arms, thighs, and calves
4 handle cups
For the middle handle:
180mm * 70mm * 43mm
190mm * 70mm * 43mm
210mm * 70mm * 43mm
220mm * 70mm * 50mm
Treatment area: waist and thighs
2 handle cups
For large handles:
235 mm * 68 mm * 44 mm
250mm * 68mm * 47mm
Treatment areas: abdomen, buttocks, and back
Available in two colors: white and blue