To fight aging, it is important to know why aging and how manifests itself. Skin aging is mainly divided into two forms, endogenous skin aging, and exogenous skin aging.

Endogenous aging is determined by the genetic factors of the body and is a natural process that is difficult to prevent. After middle age, as we grow older (around 30 years old), the skin starts to thin and shrink, the synthesis of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid decreases, skin fullness and elasticity decreases, wrinkles start to form and gradually increase.

Exogenous aging is cumulative damage to the skin produced by environmental factors (UV light – 80% of exogenous skin aging, nicotine, air pollution, microorganisms, etc.) or lifestyle. Exogenous aging is not universal and can be prevented to some extent.

The degree of skin aging is positively correlated with the amount of collagen and elastin in the dermis. Collagen plays the role of a “steel support” between tissues, which can provide a certain amount of support for the skin; elastin can keep the skin elastic, so the face of young people is tight and elastic.

The basic countermeasures for non-aging
Age group: 25 to 30 years old

Skin around 25 to 30 years old is full and elastic and full of luster. But don’t make it just because you are young, skin management has to start catching up. It is recommended that you

Do the basic care steps

Drinking, smoking, staying up late and other unhealthy lifestyles are the enemies of the skin. Normally, you should develop good habits, exercise more, ensure sleep, and do the basic cleaning + moisturizing + sunscreen.

Do the basic maintenance program

The first 20 years of life is to start to understand the anti-aging people at all, obviously the skin collagen is still very sufficient, face fine lines wrinkles have not yet appeared, but already very know “fresh” than “improve” important. The actual skin stage does not need to do too “powerful” anti-aging project, selective do some basic maintenance project is enough.(https://www.sunhingtech.com/product-category/hydra-facial/)

Photorejuvenation: Regularly as a cosmetic rejuvenation program is possible, and for the current acne inflammation, acne marks, epidermal pigmentation have improved the effect, or non-invasive treatment projects, is considered entry-level beauty medical beauty.(https://www.sunhingtech.com/product-category/ipl-shr-elight/)

Acid brushing: Fruit acids can help remove the accumulation of old keratin on the skin, and it is an item that can strongly renew the epidermis, and it will have a significant rejuvenating effect together with photons. Many people are afraid that brushing acid will hurt their skin, but this part is actually not too worrying. There are many types of acids, both mild and strong, and unless the skin is in an abnormal state, you can choose the right one for you.

Water light: water light is a hydration project, other effects not to say, on the hydration of this effect is still very strong, when the skin feels dehydrated and dry (like autumn and winter) can choose to carry out. If you feel that the skin moisture state is quite good, not dehydrated, then do not do water light is also possible. Water light with other special nutritional functions (such as Hi Body, Prilan, etc.) is a different story, and can be chosen if you have the conditions to add to the effect.

Suggested countermeasures for the early aging period
Age group: 30 – 35 years old

At the age of 30, women have gradually left their youthfulness and are blossoming everywhere with the attractive charm of mature women. Pigmentation is creeping up on the cheeks, crow’s feet are “emerging” and the skin is starting to lose its previous hydrated glow. What are some skin care tips for this period?

Maintain good lifestyle habits

At the age of 30, the body has entered the aging phase, good sleep and maintaining a regular lifestyle is the most important guarantee to maintain the skin metabolism. In addition, pay attention to sun protection, UV rays are the number one enemy of our skin aging.

Exercise more

The most effective way to hydrate the skin must be to exercise and sweat. When the body is fully exercised, all the pores on the body surface are open and the adequate blood supply provides efficient hydration for the skin.

Active skin management

Strict management of the skin with targeted recommendations for beauty care and cosmetic use.

Appropriate medical interventions

Botox, photorejuvenation: The most common wrinkle is the “crow’s feet”. If not managed properly, these wrinkles can deepen and become “true” wrinkles, and once formed, they are almost impossible to recover from. This is where low doses of Botox can be used to adjust the muscle strength of the facial expression muscles, and light skin discoloration should not be left too much to chance, and photorejuvenation is a good option.

Thermage: You can also choose to add some items to do that can obviously target fine lines and wrinkles improvement. The last two years of the popular anti-aging project, like Thermage, can stimulate collagen, tighten the skin, specifically for sagging aging skin to improve, especially in the early stages of aging, the improvement effect will be more obvious, maintenance time will also be longer.

Water light injection: you can also choose water light for fine lines, there are other special features of water light nutrient-rich, there is a slight filler effect, for the improvement of skin fine lines is very obvious.

Mature aging countermeasures
Age group: 35-40 years old

This age is also the most critical time for facial rejuvenation. Wrinkles, discoloration and small belly are warning you of aging all the time. The following are some suggestions for you in this period.

Keep a good mindset

Women entering this period will have to face many problems at home and at work. Keep a positive mindset to deal with problems and conflicts at work and at home.

Appropriate medical interventions

Photorejuvenation treatments: Continuous and uninterrupted photorejuvenation treatments can definitively maintain the rejuvenation of your skin, reduce the occurrence of discoloration and leave your skin intact.

Continuous regulated Botox treatment: If you are worried about your aging appearance, you should try the amazing effects of Botox without hesitation at this age.

Injectable fillers: To reduce static wrinkles, necessary injectable fillers, such as hyaluronic acid injections and autologous fat fillers, are recommended at this age.

Rescue measures for the obvious aging period
Above 45 years old

At the age of 45, triangular eyes, bags under the eyes, lines, “goat cheeks”, sunken temples and cheeks, sagging and sagging of the whole face – really old! For this period it is recommended that

A good mindset and habits are still important

Good habits and mind-set, regular skin care are especially important for you at this age.

Appropriate medical intervention

Consistent and regular Botox treatment: Botox treatment is recognized by medical aestheticians worldwide as a facial rejuvenation solution. Some people may ask: Why do people become “zombie faces”? The problem lies not in the Botox itself, but in the doctor who uses it. Experienced doctors will make precise injections according to the characteristics of wrinkles, so that the “zombie face” will not be formed.

Autologous fat filler: Loss of facial fat can lead to facial depression and sagging. Proper replenishment is important to restore facial rejuvenation. Autologous fat transfer is definitely the best solution to the volume problem.

Facelift surgery: Facelift surgery (also known as facelift) combines filler support to rebuild a relatively youthful and natural facial structure. The surgery lifts sagging skin to a tighter state and brings some of the sagging fat back into place, which can significantly reduce the volume of filler needed and also improve the wrinkled skin that has been lacking in maintenance for years, making the overall effect most closely resemble a youthful and normal state. If you don’t want to go under the knife, you can ask your doctor to combine the previously mentioned items. For example, alternating Thermage with buried threads.
The last point I would like to make is that no one can stay young forever, aging is a normal process. The best way to fight aging is to keep your spirit ageless. Hebei Sunhingtech Co.,Ltd would like to work with you to decode the new direction of medical beauty market and build the future of light medical beauty.


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