How to Identify the Quality of Hyaluronic Acid Fillers

Do you know how to choose a good quality hyaluronic acid filler?

Do you know how to choose a reliable hyaluronic acid filler manufacturer?

Do you know how to choose the best hyaluronic acid filler for yourself?


Hyaluronic acid is injected into our body through injection, which has extremely high requirements for safety.

Usually, the production environment of fake hyaluronic acid is not up to the standard, which can’t realize the aseptic production, cutting corners, non-compliance of production process, laxity of production steps, and substandard production technology, which leads to the unstable quality of hyaluronic acid. Therefore, fake hyaluronic acid or low-quality hyaluronic acid exists a very high safety risk, and it is easy to lead to inflammation, redness, swelling, and infection of the injection site after using it.

Besides, low-quality hyaluronic acid has low content and low cross-linking degree, which will lead to poor molding effect and cannot achieve satisfactory filling effect. It will be absorbed by the human body in a short time, and the maintenance time is too short to achieve the expected effect.

Today we will help you how to recognize the quality of different fillers.

We will need several experiments.

First Experiment: Dropping Test.

Open the filler box and insert the needle into the syringe. Then squeeze a small amount of filler from the syringe and the filler will drip down like a line.

If drops like a line, then it is a good filler, with a strong support effect.

Second Experiment: Gravity Testy.

Take out the same amount of hyaluronic acid filler and put the same size of glass plate on top of the filler. Then check the the morphology change.

Good quality hyaluronic acid filler is not easy to deform under heavy pressure and can stand with more pressure.

Third Experiment: Water Absorption Test

Add 2 ml of colored water into a syringe with 1ml hyaluronic acid filler. Then check the degree of water absorption and expansion. Good quality hyaluronic acid filler absorbs the colored water very fast. This result indicates good water absorption, better hydration, and  natural filling effect

Hope everyone can use good quality filler to make yourself more beautiful.

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