10D laser 532nm green laser Lipolysis slim machine


Five adjustment functions of laser

Anti-inflammatory effect: accelerate the dilation of capillaries and increase their permeability,promote the absorption of inflammatory exudate, which can increase the body’s immunity.

Analgesic effect: stimulation of factors related to pain changes, the content of 5-hydroxytryptamine in local tissues decreases, and morphine-like substances are released to form analgesic effect.

Wound healing: After being stimulated by laser irradiation, epithelial cells and blood vessels will promote promote regeneration, fibroblast proliferation, and promote tissue regeneration and repair.

Tissue repair: Promote new angiogenesis and granulation tissue hyperplasia, stimulate protein synthesis and metabolism and maturation of tissue repair cells, promote collagen fibers.

Biological regulation: After laser irradiation, the immune function of the body can be enhanced, the endocrine balance can be quickly adjusted, and the immune enhancement ability of more blood cell membranes can be increased.

Higher-end semiconductor laser technology

Ten high-power lasers, multi-wavelength configuration; Curved double-wing folding design makes treatment easier;

360° no dead angle rotation for more comprehensive treatment;Output special wavelength through laser diode to quickly reach the designated position.

Japan imported double lens

Powell prism: it can realize the maximum spot irradiation, so that the pain has no place to hide;Focusing mirror: can achieve maximum energy irradiation, so that the pain can be quickly eliminated.

Advantages of combining points and surfaces: It can not only cross-dot, let multiple lasers focus on the same painful point, but also continuously rotate the treatment surface covering the same part, so that the pain can be reduced, relieved and repaired after each scan.

More high temperature resistant material: at least 8000 hours of continuous work

Air-cooled heat dissipation efficiently guarantees work efficiency;Electric lift More angle treatment needs; Universal aviation wheel, convenient to move to different scenes.


item value
Place of Origin China
Brand Name Cenmade
Model Number PL7
Instrument classification Class II
Warranty 1 Year
After-sale Service Onsite Training
Maximum reach of laser head 110cm
Angle adjustable of laser wings 100 degree
weight of laser head 12kg
Maximum reach of Elevator 500mm
Size of screen 12.1 inches
Power of diode 500mw
Wavelength of diode 532nm
Voltage 100V-240V
Power supply 150W
Number of diode 10pcs