Ultrasound slim EMS+RF+Hifu 3in1 slimming machine




Product Name EMS+RF+Hifu 3in1 slimming machine
Input Voltage AC100V – 240V, 50/60Hz
Maximum Power 650W
Cartridge RF6, RF9, RF13, RF16; EMS8, EMS10, EMS13, EMS18 for option
Cartridge Shot 10,000 shots
Hifu Energy 0.1J~3.0J (adjustable: 0.1J/step)
Shoting Mode semi-circle point, a circle point, a circle thread
Points Quantity 20~40 adjustable
Speed 1~10 adjusrable
Distance 1.0~2.0 adjustable
EMS Energy 0~20 level adjustable (3 modes)
RF Energy 0~20 level adjustable
Package Size 69*49*30cm
Gross Weight 18kg


Machine features :

2 Pcs Handpiece: MS controller+RS controller

MS controller Cartridges Depth: Standard:8.0,13.0 (Optional: 10.0,18.0)

RS controller Cartridges Depth: Standard: 9.0,13 (Optional: 6.0,16.0)

Functions :

  • Lift and tighten sagging skin
    • Improve elasticity and firm up skin
  • Provide treated areas with slimmer contours as the skin tightens
  • Rejuvenate andstrengthen the skin.
  • Fat reduction, Body slimming, body shaping.

4 breakthroughs :

1.360-degree zero dead angle suspension lift Both linear and coil patterns provide comprehensive coverage and
enhance the effect of the treatment.

  1. The world’s first HIFU introduction technology The unique Ultra 360 circular loop line HIFU introduction technology allows the essence to reach the bottom of the skin directly.

3.Longer lasting effect than traditional HIFU A variety of different treatment heads, comprehensive coverage, comprehensive and long-lasting effect.

  1. Painless and non-invasive Optimized technology, the continuous accumulation of thermal energy can reduce pain.