6in1 4D Hifu v-max vaginal tighten facelifting RF microneedle machine



5in1  4D Hifu for your review!

Treatment for facial and neck skin lifting, wrinkle removal, pore tightening, Vagina tightening, body different area fat burning, cellulite remova, Stretch marks removal!

The introduction show you as bellow:

4D handle: 1-12 lines adjustable, makes more average energy and easier to operate, improve effect 20-30%, more suitable for big area treatment, make treatment faster.

Vmax: works as one shot one dot and can adjust the shot speed by adjusting the frequency, the small head suits for 360 degree whole face and neck treatment, especially professional for the small areas like eye round, mouth round, nose round.

Fractional RF(Radio Frequency) microneedling handle: 4 different sizes work heads(10p, 25p, 64p, Nano), suits for acne scar, wrinkles, stretch marks removal, skin tightening and lifting treatment.


Vagina treatment handle: compare the the traditional CO2 laser treatment, Hifu vagina is more safe and healthier, feels more comfortable, longer last effects,no-downtime.

Lipohifu handle: 1 shot can make 24*24=576 energy dots, more suitable for body big area burn fat treatment.

You can choose any of the 5 handles to combine make the machine, satisfy your variety treatment requests!

Product parameters:

Product Name 4D Hifu/Vmax/Hifu Vagina/Lipohifu/Fractional RF Microneedle 5in1 machine
Function Skin tightening/lifting, wrinkle removal, body slimming, cellulite removal, vagina tightening, acne scar removal
Technology Hifu/Vmax/lipoHifu/Fractional RF microneedle
7D Cartrdiges Standard: 3.0/4.5mm for face and neck;

Optional: 1.5/6.0/8.0/1.0/13.0mm for body;

Each cartridge 20000 shots;

Vmax cartridges Standard: 1.5/3.0/4.5mm

Optional: 8.0/13.0mm

Each cartridge 62000 shots;

Vagina cartridge 3.0/4.5mm;
Lipohifu cartridge Standard: 8.0/13.0mm

Optional: 0.6/10.0/16.0mm;

Microneedle Tips 10p, 25p, 64p, Nano
Packing size/Gross weight 54*45*33cm/16kg


Results checking:

Single treatment get immediate effect of skin lifted and wrinkles shallower and body celllulites tightened.


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