Pressotherapy Lymphatic Drainage infrared Massage machine



Working Theory

PressoTherapy enters the air pressure clothing through a tube connecting the sleeve that connects the sleeve, wraps the customer’s limbs, and then tighten with a zipper. The air pressure is generated by the 24 overlapping airbags in the air pressure. The airbags are inflated in order, providing a stable one -way peristaltic massage, and the massage from the end of the limb to the near limb. The instrument is equipped with far-infrared with trace elements, which is made of trace elements, and the launch wavelength of 3-15um. Filter the wavelength at 0.97-1.8um, so that the light can be fully absorbed by the human body, throughout the skin, direct joints, and the human body. Make it resonated with human cells, thereby generating a lot of warmth. Deep light massage to the human body, effectively promote blood circulation, regulate the viscera, promote metabolism and other functions to prevent diseases, regulate the human yin and yang balance, beauty, weight loss and other effects.

*Remove the fat group (“Orange Peel”).
*Loss (legs, arms and torso).
*Reduce the edema before liposuction surgery/postoperative swelling.
*Reduce the swelling and pain caused by intravenous incompleteness, obesity, or standing for a long time.
*Reduce muscle pain, relieve stress, tighten the skin and shrink pores.
1.Plastic surgery
*Before surgery/postoperative surgery (eliminate edema, restore)
2.Beauty Sain
*Fat therapy, negative pressure roller massage treatment
3.Fitness Center/Home
*Fat therapy, massage and relaxation
*Stimulate the deep collagen fiber of the skin
*Increase lymphatic flow
*Help skin cell metabolism
*Reduce the effect of fat
*24 independent airbags (covered with the airbags partly)
*The airbag is made of elastic material, and it can be perfectly adjusted to the massage body
*You can operate 3 independent airbags at the same time (inflatable and deflation at the same moment)
*Diversity, 4 different massage programs/patterns
*Complete lymphatic flow, from the feet to the arm
Product Specifications
Output Voltage
Max Power Consumption
Air Pressure
20~360 MMHG
4 modes
10.4inch Touch Screen
Air Pump Max Intensity
Function mode
5 modes including eyes massage function
Eyes massage
air pressure & heating; 
air pressure & vibrate
Heating & vibrate
Max.treatment time
60 minutes
Package size