Weight loss Presoterapia lymphatic pressotherapy machine




This aircraft is a most popular multi-function weight-loss device, combined with functions of far-infrared fat dissolving,
air-pressure lymphatic drainage, as well as low-frequency stimulation. Operate far-infrared heating after massage (by beautician), then start the lymphatic drainage operations, and at last use low-frequency to tighten skin, to achieve systematic and comprehensive effects of fat loss and size reduction.


1. Promote blood circulation
2. body shaping, Against Cellulite, Fatty Deposits and Fluid Retention
3. Lymph De-toxin, improves lymphatic Drainage, Lymph massaging drainage
4. Fat dissolution, Reduce “Orange Line”
5. lose weight and dispel toxin
6. Physical therapy to care for muscle and nerve diseases
7. Accelerate metabolism, Activate Blood Circulation
8. Ease the liver strain and unknown pain
9. Diminish inflammation, enginery removal
10. Reduce Pressure, Relax Body and Mind, Relaxing the whole body and cellulite-reducing
11. Reduce Edema or Swelling