Laser scarring removal

When there is no effect of medicine scarring removal, the pursuit of beauty will think about surgical scarring removal. While, the traditional treatment of surgical scarring removal always by cutting, this treatment has a drawbacks, it is for some people may can’t achieve the scarring removal effect and even causes a secondary scarring. So, compared to the traditional treatment, the laser scarring removal belongs to the non-surgical skin beauty treatment, without harm to the skin and can remove the scarring makes the skin get back to smooth status, so it is widely loved in the beauty area.


  1. The principle of laser scarring removal:

The laser scarring removal principle is using the laser to burn, vaporizing, cuttiing, solitify, etc the specific functions working to remove the scarring tissue or injury the veins of the scarring tissue, thus to inhabit the collagen producing and cells grown, lead to scarring cells to death. By adjusting the laser or laser focused energy and the shotting area distance can achieve the aim for different type different area’s scarring treatments. The effect of laser for scarring treatment has ben approved to be great, and the treatment witth less side effects. Only with some cases of skin redness, pigmentation, itching, sting, not other serious side effects reporting, and with careful post-operative care can reduce these side effects.


  1. 7 cases that forbidden to do laser scarring removal treatment.
  • During the growth period scarrings and the keloid scars not suitable for laser treatment. Unless may cause the scarring tissue deteriorateand hyperplastic scars grow bigger and bigger.
  • Some webbed scarring and those may cause extremities working problems scarrings shouldn’t use laser to cut.
  • Localized skin infections, recurrent facial acne or ulcers at skin scars are not suitable for laser scarring
  • Recent radiotherapy, corticosteroid therapy, oral retinoids, etc., and regular laser treatment should be performed.
  • Laser scar removal is not recommended for liver and kidney insufficiency and significantly, and thosee with elevated blood sugar.
  • People withobvious Shedding Disorder, like endocrine disorders, Addy’s disease (hypoadrenocorticism), advanced vitiligo, etc. Not suitable for laser scarring removal.
  • For those who have photosensitive scars, or those who are recently taking photosensitizing medications, laser treatment is prone to skin damage and should not be used.


  1. How long would the laser scarring treatment get recovery?

Actually, the recovery time of laser scarring removal treatment with a bit difference according to person body composition and the scarring size. Normally, after the laser treatment 1-7 days period, the treatment area may appear redness, scarring and short time pigmentation, etc; but these will disappear after a period of recovery.

What’s more, the careful post-operative care is very important, if don’t do enough or even not do the post-operative care, will affect the real treatment effect.


  1. What should I pay attention to before and after laser scar removal surgery?


  • Not to put on regular skin productsbefore laser scar removal treatment, and to keep the face clean to prevent skin inflammation.
  • Laser scar removal treatment will have a slight pain and burning sensation, and the intensity of pain varies from person to person, which is a normal phenomenon. For pain relief, local anesthesia can be chosen, and the anesthesia method can be self-selected.
  • Under laser scar removal surgery, the skin will have different degrees of redness and swelling, and even slight bleeding. Please do not worry, crusting, hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation may occur later, which are normal phenomenon.
  • After laser scarring removal treatment, you must prevent infection, do not get wet, especially when scabbing, do not pick it by hand to avoid leaving pigmentation or scars, and keep the skin clean at the same time.
  • Not to use poor quality cosmetics or exfoliating or hormonal products after treatment.
  • Get enough sleep, which will make the wound heal faster.
  • Diet, do not eat spicy and stimulating food.
  • Authoritative experts introduce that no sauna or exfoliation for 6 months after laser scar removal, and sunscreen should be used in conjunction with it during the day.


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