1. What’s the function of the machine?

It is fast, reliable, comfortable and clinically proven to permanently eliminate stubborn fat cells in areas such as abdomen, flanks, arms, bra straps, legs, double chin and knees.

In addition to reducing fat, RF energy can also promote collagen regeneration, improve skin sagging and wrinkles, improve the overall contour of the face and jaw line, and make the face and body skin firm and smooth, reducing fat, shaping and firming.


  1. How many handles?

The device is equipped with 10 unique radio frequency device treatment handles, and different handles are applied to different parts.No consumables, no pain, no downtime, return to normal activities and exercise immediately.


  1. Working principle

Trusculpt ID Fat Dissolving Machine uses monopolar radio frequency (RF) deep heating as its core technology, using controlled monopolar radio frequency (RF) technology to provide targeted heating to large and small areas without damaging the skin.

The fat and dermis are heated through radio frequency devices of different shapes, which continuously generate heat and burn fat cells, making them inactive and apoptotic. After several weeks to several months of treatment, the apoptotic fat cells will pass through the body. Gradually metabolically excreted, the remaining fat cells are rearranged and compressed, and the fat layer is gradually thinned, reducing the fat by an average of 24-27%.

At the same time, the heat can stimulate the regeneration of collagen in the dermis, the elastic fibers naturally produce immediate contraction and tightening, and repair the connective tissue, so as to achieve the effect of dissolving fat and sculpting the body, tightening the cheeks and eliminating the double chin.

  1. Will the skin feel burn
  • Heat is slowly transferred from the deep layer to the surface layer, so some people feel that the heat rise will be slower. The thicker the fat, the hotter the subcutaneous fat.
  • When the set temperature is reached, the heating will be stopped automatically, and the surface layer will be kept at a constant temperature of (set temperature) 45 ℃, which will be warm without burning feeling.
  • When the temperature is lower than the set temperature, the heating starts automatically.

  1. Different handles introduction

No. 1, No. 2, No. 3, No. 4, No. 5, No. 6 handle: used for flat fixation therapy, it can be easily used without an operator, up to six 40cm², the handle can be fixed and placed on the body at the same time. localized fat pockets. 6 treatment areas covering the abdomen and flank up to 300 cm². Apply to the entire body area. 1 point(40cm²) treatment time: 15 minutes.

No. 7 handle, No. 8 handle: This handle is a hand-held, flat-on spot treatment for point treatment of fatty deposits smaller than the template area. The handle covers a small area of 16 cm² for treatment in 5 minutes. It is suitable for double chin, chubby flesh at the corners of the mouth, anterior breasts, and fat accumulation at the knees. 1 point treatment time: 5 minutes.

No. 9 handle: For sliding therapy over medium or large target areas. Larger area than traditional mobile radio frequency, large-scale body sculpting, suitable for waist,abdomen,arm,back,inner/outerthigh,buttocks/hip/loweredge. Treatmenttime:25-60minutes.

No.10handle:Forslidingtreatmentontheface,applytotheface.Treatment time:15-30minutes.

  1. Pre-treatment guidelines


1.Remove makeup and clean skin for guests, keep it clean and dry before treatment.

  1. If there is too much hair in the treatment area, it needs to be removed.
  2. Inform the guests that they need to remove the metal accessories they are wearing.
  1. Before the treatment starts, draw a line to mark the boundary of the treatment area to ensure the correct position of the working handle.
  2. Photos can be taken before the operation for comparison after treatment.
  3. Communicate and explain in advance how customers will feel during theoperation of the equipment:
  4. Inform the client that when the treatment starts, the client feels a mild warm feeling. As the real-time temperature rises, this thermal feeling is strengthened until the set target temperature is reached, and the constant


  1. Post-Treatment Guidelines


  1. Redness and swelling may occur in the treated area, which usually subsides afterafewhours.
  2. Some sensitive guests may experience swelling and slight pain, which usually subsides in two to three days. Normal skin care and make-up can be performed aftertheprocedure.


  1. Do not wash your face with hot water (water that does not exceed body temperature) within 3 days.
  2. Increase water intake 24 hours after treatment to help metabolize fat. 6. After treatment, you can resume normal activities, including fitness programs, immediately.
  3. Fat cell destruction occurs slowly over the next 3 months. During this time, if you are able to avoid or minimize anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen.temperature is maintained, and the constant temperature experience is more comfortable.
  4. Inform the guests of the normal reactions that may occur in the care: During the use process, the blood flow will be driven due to reasons such as warmth, which will cause the skin to become red, which is a normal phenomenon.
  5. Groomers must wear gloves when touching guests’ skin to ensure they do not provide parallel current return paths.


  1. How many times do you need to do it?

How long is the interval between treatments? Depending on the thickness of the local fat, it is recommended to do a course of treatment (3-5 times). Do it every 2-4 weeks.

  1. How long will it take to finish?

The operation can make the adipocytes inactive and apoptosis. The destroyed adipocytes begin to metabolize and excrete from the body after 4-6 weeks, and the best results appear after about 8 to 12 weeks of treatment.

  1. Are thereany side effects?

There are few side effects associated with this non-invasive treatment. RF energy is not ablative and therefore does not damage the skin. Some patients may experience mild redness, sweating, mild tenderness, or swelling in the treated area for the first few hours after treatment, similar to what you might experience after a hot stone massage, usually these side effects are disappears within a few hours and does not affect normal life.


  1. What is the difference between the monopolar radio frequency and the multipolar radio frequency of the Trusculpt ID Fat Dissolving Machine?

The monopolar radio frequency of the lipolysis machine has a deeper penetration depth, so the effect of fat reduction and shaping is better. The lipolysis machine can reduce the number of fat cells, and the multipolar radio frequency can only reduce the volume of fat cells.

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