In summer, everyone will wear their beloved shorts and short-sleeved clothes, especially some women with good figure, want to show their body to wear as cool as possible on the line. But the hair brings distress to many women with good figure, slightly lift arm underarm hair will make them very embarrassed. Everyone wants smooth skin and to be able to show off their beauty in such a season. There are several popular hair removal methods with different effects, how to choose them? Let’s take a look.

Methods of hair removal:

Hair removal methods usually have hair removal knife, hair removal cream and laser hair removal, etc.

1、Hair removal knife

Hair removal knife belongs to the physical hair removal method, the use of more convenient. Before using, moisten the skin with warm water to soften the pores, then scrape from the root of the body hair with a hair removal knife, hair removal knife head gently stick to the skin, gently slide, scraping in the direction of the hair. After scraping, you can use warm water to clean and dry, and then apply emollient lotion.

2、Hair removal cream

The principle of hair removal cream is chemical hair removal, that is, dissolve the hair and achieve the role of hair removal, not from the root of the destruction of the hair follicle. Although hair removal cream is more convenient and fast to use, but it will stimulate the skin, easy to produce inflammatory reaction, but also can lead to skin infection, small acne, red rash and so on. The use of hair removal creams is generally not advocated. Also hair removal creams need to be used repeatedly because the hair will grow out often.
The way to use hair removal cream is to clean the part that needs hair removal first, then apply hair removal cream evenly on the part where the hair grows, the thickness is about one dollar coin, so that the hair removal cream can fully contact the hair. It can usually be left on the skin surface for about 5 to 10 minutes to clean off. Note that a patch test is required before use to avoid causing allergic reactions.

3、Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is based on the principle of selective photothermal action, the laser can penetrate the skin very smoothly and reach the hair follicle deeply, while the melanin in the hair follicle absorbs a large amount of laser energy and finally converts into heat energy to raise the temperature of the hair follicle, so as to destroy the function of the hair follicle and make the hair follicle lose its regeneration ability, and then play the purpose of hair removal. Currently, the use of ice point hair removal is the highest. The pulsing pattern of Ice Point hair removal ensures that the hair follicles are heated and destroyed without thermal damage and severe tissue thermal reactions, and the whole process can be performed in an almost painless manner.

The laser hair removal operation method first requires the skin to be cleaned and then some skin cream to be applied topically to reduce the damage to the skin, and the laser instrument is applied directly to the skin to remove it by laser. The treatment must pay attention to adjust the frequency, and need professional doctors to operate. After laser hair removal, you need to strengthen the local care and avoid contact with water in a short time.

Which is better, photonic hair removal, laser hair removal or freezing point hair removal?

1、Photonic hair removal(IPL/Elight/SHR hair removal)

Using the selective photothermolysis principle of strong pulse light source, it uses the absorption of melanin cells in the hair follicle to the light of specific wavelengths to produce heat in the hair follicle, thus selectively destroying the hair follicle. At the same time, it avoids damaging the surrounding tissues to achieve the effect of hair removal. (https://www.sunhingtech.com/product-category/laser-machine/ipl-shr-elight/)

2、Laser hair removal

Based on the principle of selective photothermal dynamics, through reasonable adjustment of laser wavelength energy pulse width, light energy is absorbed and converted into heat energy to destroy hair follicle tissue, reducing skin tingling sensation.

3、Ice point hair removal(Diode laser hair removal)

Ice point hair removal uses the ice point semiconductor laser hair removal instrument to let the laser penetrate the skin surface layer while keeping the hair follicle at a certain temperature, gently making the hair follicle and surrounding stem cells inactive. Ice point hair removal uses a pulse pattern and repetitive frequency that can increase the speed of hair removal to 3-5 times faster than before. (https://www.sunhingtech.com/product-category/laser-machine/laser-hair-removal/)

These three are actually a progressive evolutionary relationship, one more effective than the other. In fact, the ice point hair removal is also laser hair removal, and the two are the relationship of including and being included. The same is hair removal, ice point hair removal and traditional laser hair removal in the mechanism of the difference is: traditional laser hair removal to instantaneous high energy burn hair follicles, may cause local burns, burns. While ice-dot hair removal joins the cooling ice-dot technology, which gently makes the hair follicle automatically inactive, so it can achieve the purpose of hair removal without over-stimulating the skin to avoid producing pain or risk. So ice point laser hair removal is strictly better than traditional laser hair removal and is a better choice for patients to go for.

How many times does laser hair removal have to be done?

Laser hair removal is basically done 3-5 times, a month apart. The hair follicle structure and growth cycle are different for different areas and body types. For areas where the hair follicles grow faster, such as armpit hair, about 3 times is enough, while for areas where the hair follicles are slower, such as lip hair, about 5 times is needed.

Is the effect of laser hair removal permanent?

How long can laser hair removal last is determined by the effect of treatment, the number of times of treatment, the interval time of treatment, the energy of treatment, the individual differences of the candidates and many other aspects, so it can’t be generalized, in general, the laser hair removal effect is very good, basically it can achieve the purpose of permanent hair removal, but the above factors affect the keeping time of each person, the care after the ice point hair removal is also very important.

Possible side effects of improper hair removal:

Improper hair removal may cause infection, folliculitis, irritant dermatitis, hair will become thicker and harder, edema around the hair follicle and other hazards to the body.
1、Physical hair plucking may cause local pain and discomfort, and sometimes may cause infection and folliculitis.
2, the use of hair removal cream and other chemical hair removal methods may cause local irritant dermatitis, contact dermatitis, and even allergies.


3、Shaving may make the hair harder and thicker for some people after regeneration.
4、The excessive laser energy during laser hair removal may lead to edema, local pain and discomfort around the hair follicle. It is recommended to go for the right laser hair removal method. Laser hair removal is usually safe and effective. Very few people may experience slight skin redness and itching during the treatment process, and local skin pigmentation or depigmentation may occur after the procedure. However, in general, the likelihood of these complications is low as long as the treatment is done at a proper medical facility.

Precautions after laser hair removal:

1, after laser hair removal in the area of hair removal should be commonly used alcohol disinfection or apply some anti-inflammatory ointment, to avoid the occurrence of folliculitis. Hair removal parts of the skin may appear slightly red and swollen, the need for local cold compresses. In serious cases, you can apply local ointment to inhibit inflammation or prevent skin allergy.
2, after laser hair removal, after laser hair removal, do not use hot water to scald and scrub the treatment area, do not take a hot bath, and do not bake sauna or steam bath, and do not scratch the skin of the treatment area. The reason is to avoid causing infection, and do not go swimming in the pool or beach type places.
3, after laser hair removal try not to use cosmetics and skin care products containing fruit acid or A acid, it is best to choose to use more mild skin care products.
4, after laser hair removal patients better not wear too tight clothes or stockings, in order to keep the treated parts dry and breathable. Do not sunbathe for at least six months, and be sure to use sunscreen products under the guidance of your doctor.
5, after laser hair removal do not eat spicy and seafood food, such as onions, ginger, garlic, pepper, etc.. Eat more fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C, such as kiwi, strawberries and tomatoes. Don’t smoke or drink alcohol.
6、Don’t use other methods to remove hair until the treatment is over, which may lead to inflammatory pigmentation

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