Fractional microneedle RF is an instrument that specifically targets skin problems such as acne pits acne skin, pores, folliculitis, acne, dark circles, eye bags, and uneven skin tone. Fractional microneedle RF cosmetic combines microneedle micropigmentation, using a microneedle galvanic probe that can be adjusted to different depths. When the microneedles in the probe penetrate deep into the skin, a radio wave of million HZ is released at the same time. This radio wave is only released at the bottom tip and does not heat the epidermis, so it can safely, accurately, evenly and effectively heat the collagen in the deep dermis, promoting collagen denaturation, restructuring and coagulation. In addition, the micro-invasions caused by microneedling stimulate a variety of enabling factors to regenerate the skin from the epidermis to the deep fascia, achieving skin regeneration, tightening and lifting, reducing wrinkles and reshaping the facial contours.

Fractional microneedle RF is currently a safer and one of the most effective cosmetic wrinkle and acne removal methods. The principle is that RF waves penetrate the barrier of epidermal basal melanocytes, heating the collagen fibers of the dermis to 55℃-65℃, destroying sebaceous glands as well as acne branches, thus achieving the purpose of improving large facial pores, acne pits and marks, excessive facial oil secretion and dull skin tone. Gold microneedle RF acne treatment is based on the role of RF in the deep dermis to kill Propionibacterium acnes and play an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory role. In addition, RF energy acts on the scar tissue, prompting the cells to produce collagen and play a role in eliminating acne marks and repairing acne scars.

Fractional microneedle RF features:

  • High efficiency

Fractional microneedle RF wrinkle removal can effectively stimulate collagen restructuring, lighten acne marks and pits, improve acne skin, tighten skin and reduce wrinkles, with high satisfaction after treatment.

  • Safely

The fractional microneedle RF wrinkle reduction system protects the epidermis to achieve satisfactory results that are both safe and efficient, and is safer than other non-invasive treatments. In addition, there is no recovery period after the treatment, and patients can immediately resume their daily routine, eliminating other precautions necessary after the treatment.

  • Long-lasting effect

After the treatment, the skin will improve every day, because of the continuous production of new collagen. The results will be more significant and satisfactory in about 4-6 months.

Acne is many times caused by excessive oil production clogging the pores, and this is where cleansing is very important. It is important to wash your face regularly and it is the first step in treating acne. Use a neutral and mild cleanser and wash your face with warm water to avoid clogged pores.

A good routine, mental tension, staying up late, and lack of sleep can cause sebaceous gland secretion to become dysregulated, leading to acne. It is recommended to try to keep a regular life, happy mood, sleep enough oh.

Excessive moisturizing care products, covering cosmetics, will block the pores, to try to avoid. The prolonged steaming, massaging and exfoliating of the face will instead inflame the pores. When you have acne, you should reduce the number of times you use cosmetics, and be thorough when removing makeup with makeup remover oil. For oily skin care products, choose products that are refreshing and breathable.

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