The arguments on “who is the best acne pore treatment between golden RF microneedle and fractional CO2 laser” has never stopped, both of them are the first choice in light medical aesthetics to effectively improve acne scars and shrink pores, each with its own advantages.
However, a recent study in the literature shows that the combination of golden RF microneedling and ultra-pulsed CO2 fractional laser is more effective and reduces adverse effects. What is the difference in efficacy between the two? Today, let’s share the following

01 What is the effect of combined acne scar treatment 1+1>2?

Inflammatory acne, in general, causes the spread of inflammatory factors and the production of a large number of Propionibacterium acnes MMPs, which leads to a series of skin problems such as depressed scarring, inflammatory hyperpigmentation, collagen loss and skin aging.

Depressed scarring is caused by the activation of matrix metalloproteinases under the effect of inflammation, which degrades the extracellular matrix and collagen and elastin fibers in the dermis. At this time, the body will produce a repair response to the skin tissue damage, so that the hyperplastic acne scar tissue replaces the normal skin tissue, the surface of the skin is pulled downward by the fibrous tissues, collagen and elastin loss accelerates, forming a pitted atrophic scar.

The inflammatory response also further accelerates the production of free radicals, causing oxidative damage and aging of the skin. The breakdown of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid will cause the skin to sink, causing the pores, which should be in a “contracted” state, to lose their strength and further aggravate the enlarged pores.

At present, there is no clear standard for the treatment of facial depressed acne scarring and pore reduction on the market, and there are more clinical treatment methods.

In the study “The Efficacy of Gold Microneedle RF Combined with Ultra-pulsed CO2 Fractional Laser for the Treatment of Facial Depressed Acne Scars”, it was shown that after a comparison between the treatment and control groups, the improvement of gold microneedle RF combined with ultra-pulsed CO2 fractional laser clinical treatment was more significant.

Fractional laser can effectively reach deep into the dermis and vaporize scar tissue, but it is easy to cause pigmentation. Synergistic action with gold microneedle can further stimulate and induce collagen reorganization and regeneration, reduce pigmentation, and the effect is also better than single class of treatment, which can further reduce complications and improve the efficacy.

02 What is the difference in efficacy between gold microneedle and fractional laser?

Fractional lasers, divided into two categories: non-ablative fractional lasers and ablative fractional lasers, while ultra-pulsed CO2 fractional lasers belong to the latter. It works on the principle of selective photothermal action, which can target the water molecule target chromophores in the tissues by absorbing the laser and converting them into heat. (https://www.sunhingtech.com/product-category/laser-machine/fractional-co2-laser/)

It emits a 50μm focal spot through a highly focused mirror, creating multiple tiny microscopic holes to reach the dermis, producing focal photothermal effects, vaporizing and exfoliating scar tissue to make acne pits lighter, while also destroying contracted fibers, inducing regeneration of the dermis and epidermis, promoting skin healing, and shrinking pores.

Gold microneedle, on the other hand, is a combination of “microneedle + RF” mode, which releases RF current through tiny gold-plated microneedles and applies the thermal effect to the dermal layer of the skin. (https://www.sunhingtech.com/product/fractional-microneedle-rf-machine/)

When the heat effectively acts on the fractured fibrous tissue of the skin, it will promote the proliferation of fibroblasts, the contraction and synthesis of collagen, and the rearrangement of elastic fibers, thus repairing the damage and improving the acne pits and scars. In addition, it can also inhibit sebaceous gland secretion, improve pores, and is more effective in promoting collagen regeneration and improving skin laxity.

Overall, the recovery period of gold microneedle is a bit shorter than fractional laser, which can protect the epidermis from thermal damage and will not crust, and is more suitable for mild scarred skin; while fractional laser can improve moderate to severe acne skin, and the recovery period will be longer.

Combination treatments are commonly used in medical aesthetic treatments, and with the update of technology and product iterations, there are more and more “tricks” for this combination. Both organizations and brands are exploring more possibilities for practical applications, and innovation in applications needs to be inspired by communication. Hebei Sunhingtech Co.,Ltd would like to work with you to decode the new direction of medical beauty market and build the future of light medical beauty.


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