Principle of Vagina Hifu treatment:

The Vagina Hifu uses focused ultrasound technology with treatment heads of different depths (3.0 mm, 4.5 mm) and treatment sites precisely positioned on the mucosal fiber layer of the vaginal surface, the pelvic floor muscle layer and the pelvic floor fascia layer, using mechanical wave thermal effects to control pain during the procedure. The fibrous and fascial layers act to exercise the muscular layer and stimulate the corpus cavernosum. Promotes the metabolism of the entire vaginal/vaginal lining and improves the repair capacity. When the body produces a large amount of (Super Knife Beauty Shield) generating too, the tight skin is firmly repositioned on the fascial collagen scaffold and the generating too is gradually combined into well-arranged collagen, thus truly stimulating cell regeneration and fascial repair. It is a comprehensive treatment that mainly targets the broken, damaged and lax vaginal tissues in order to relieve and solve the problem of vaginal laxity.

So what can Vagina Hifu do?

The energy makes the collagen contract and reorganize immediately, which makes the “vagina” wall tighten quickly within 20 minutes. The “vagina” wall will be thickened and the “vagina” wall will be tightened for a long time, so that it can be tightened like a girl.

Beauty: reduce pigmentation, beautify 70% of the softness of labia, lighten the pigmentation of labia through light energy, beautify the appearance of labia, restore the dark color of labia to the tender and lovely girl-like softness and charm.

Moisten vagina: improve secretion, eliminate dryness and lubrication, increase 80% to rebuild “vagina” microcirculation, improve “vagina” mucus secretion, eliminate dryness, enhance vaginal lubrication and sexual pleasure.

Nourish vagina: deep anti-aging, 80% increase in the age of lightness, repair damaged aging cells, activate cell regeneration, enhance cell vitality, so that the “vagina” permanently fixed in a young, firm, hydrated lubrication state.

Repair: It can repair the pelvic tissue and blood vessels, prevent the muscle tissue from gradually atrophying and relaxing, so that the tension of the front and back wall of “vagina” is weakened and bulging.

Protection: protects the uterus and ovaries and eliminates gynecological diseases such as gynecological inflammation

More than 80% of women think that private maintenance is very important, but only 20% of women really understand private maintenance! Don’t be an “ignorant girl” anymore, babies. Many mothers may not pay attention to vagina health for years, but after pregnancy and childbirth, the fetus will inevitably squeeze the birth canal, resulting in a loose birth canal, which in turn leads to wrinkles, harboring bacteria and prone to gynecological diseases. More importantly, it is prone to premature aging and urinary leakage, which can also have an impact on married life.

Vagina Hifu surgery supporting oral (super knife beauty shield) generation too, the use of ultrasound thermal focusing principle, the probe around the epidermis emitted 60-12 million times per second matrix molecular energy waves, directly on the deep fascial cells, causing high-frequency friction and heat increase in subcutaneous temperature. Heat transfer mode through the clusters of the lattice. The matrix molecular energy waves emitted by the probe vibrate 60-12 million times per second while bypassing the epidermis. When the temperature rises to approximately 60-75 degrees Celsius, the fascial cells are effectively destroyed by the heat. At the same time a large number of oral doses (Super Knife Beauty Shield) initiate the repair of the regenerated cells and the repair of the fascia, providing a better effect of repairing the broken, damaged and lax vaginal tissues.

Post-operative precautions

Remember to be responsible for your own body, follow the doctor’s advice, don’t rush, wait for your body to recover and then do our private ultrasound knife, I believe you can get better results! For those who have just done intimate ultrasound knife beauty remember that there is still a short 7-day recovery period Oh, in this period, the following matters are prohibited –

1. No strenuous exercise for 3 days.

2. no cycling, no bathing and no intercourse within a week.

3, pay attention to diet, avoid eating cold, spicy and hot food, do not take aspirin and other anti-coagulant drugs, do not smoke, eat more vegetables and fruits to prevent constipation.

4. pay attention to vulva hygiene after surgery, but do not over-clean.

Remember after surgery – avoid postoperative memory of collagen misfolding

In the subcutaneous stimulation of ultrasound knife, we can synthesize collagen by ourselves. If you look at these collagen substances under a microscope, you will see that they are intricately folded into a variety of unusual shapes. Some women are in the habit of taking simple collagen by mouth, and this collagen may be partially converted into a variety of amino acids. Some are converted into collagenous substances, and these new collagens are not synthesized by themselves. These new collagens are not synthesized by themselves, so they may not fold into the correct shape. When the gooey inner wall of collagen turns over to the outside, these misfolded proteins will stick together and under the action of the ultrasound knife, some plaque deposits may form. Stiffness, unevenness, constant swelling, and dryness can occur, so oral collagen needs to be avoided before and after ultrasound.

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