The market popular Emsculpt machine combined build muscle and burn fat functions in the single treatment, it works like doing workout. Even though the Emsculpt get so popular in the market many people still have doubts on the real effect. So, who is suitable for the Emsculpt treatment? Today, let’s talk about the topic! (https://www.sunhingtech.com/product-category/emsculpt-body/)

  1. Emsculpt for build muscle—loved by men!

Extreme muscle exercise beyond the limits of muscle movement, can easily to have abs and mermaid line. When we do excercise, our brain will send order to make muscle work, but there is only about 20-30% muscle can do real work. The Emsculpt uses the HI-EMT technology to active the muscle to work directly, almost 100% muscle cells will do the effeciancy work, thus to strengthen the muscle and burn cell fats. The 2 effects to work together to help the men get dreamed abs and mermaid line!

  1. Emsculpt for burn fat—shapping body for women!

The concentrated treatment on the certain area makes the treatment part to be thin and get nice shape. For women do body slimming treatments will always meet a problem: how to get body thin but chest? No matter eat less or using the weight loss pills, meal replacement or exercise enhancement, the whole body will get thin during, included the chest and buttock. While, the Emsculpt with the treatment for the certain treatment area to get the effect of reduce the unwanted fats instead of reduce chest, Emsculpt can lift the buttocks while reduce the thigh fats!

  1. Emsculpt for health—postpartum mother!

Emsculpt uses the HI-EMT technology can active the collagen regeneration in lower pelvic floor muscle tissue, tighten the loose pelvic floor muscle, totally improve the pelvic floor muscle controlling ability. In the way of non-invasive, no pain, no surgery, no radiation, no heat, zero uncomfortable feelings to get back to tighten pelvic floor muscle!

Hebei Sunhingtech Co.,Ltd would like to work with you to decode the new direction of medical beauty market and build the future of light medical beauty.


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