First, we have to talk about the Hifu working theory(https://www.sunhingtech.com/product-category/hifu-machines/):

HIFU uses high intensity focused ultrasound as the energy source and uses its penetrating and aggregatable properties to emit energy into the SMAS (fascial layer), creating a thermal coagulation point with a temperature of 65-70 degrees. It promotes the reorganization and regeneration of collagen tissues to achieve the cosmetic effect of wrinkle reduction.

The second, what is 4D Hifu:

It is combined the multiple line Hifu (1-12lines adjustable) and Vmax (energy performace as a dot), picture as bellow;

The third, why the 4D Hifu is so popular:

Hifu well know as the non-invessive treatment for skin collagen activation to achieve anti-aging effect. The 1-12lines adjustable makes the energy more uniformity to improve 20%-25% effects, don’t need the beautician frequently to move the handle during treatment easier to operate; Vmax make the energy as a dot, work head is small round circle more suitable for the small areas treatment, thus the whole-face all area can be treated.

The forth and very important is the charging level:

Hifu treatment in the European charging according to each small area, for the whole face about 1000 euro; Hifu treatment in Austrilia is about 500-800USD for the whole face; Hifu treatment in the South-east is about 450-600USD for the face; Hifu treatment in the USA always charges about 800-1200USD.

Hebei Sunhingtech Co.,Ltd would like to work with you to decode the new direction of medical beauty market and build the future of light medical beauty.

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